What’s the main difference between the Progressive Party Organizing Fund and various unsuccessful attempts to create a competitive progressive third party in recent times? Most simply, the PPOF focuses on building a strong party foundation first, by raising the resources needed to help allied activists become effective party organizers and candidates. Many anti-establishment progressives may be increasingly ready to play this role, in the wake of the Sanders 2016 and 2020 presidential campaigns, and as the deep corruption of the Democratic Party has become more obvious.

In other words, the PPOF aims to provide essential financial support to the growing number of citizens who want to create a serious, winning alternative to corporate duopoly. That can be decisive in convincing such people, especially those with more political skills and experience, to get and stay involved in this vital project. And even a modest boost in funding for the most promising progressive party building efforts in the country could be a critical spark, fueling new election victories, more party organizing, and the powerful belief that a viable Progressive Party really is possible.

Small donations from thousands of sympathetic Americans, when pooled together, could quickly become a critical mass of Progressive Party development and empowerment. Just a tiny portion of the contributions to Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaigns could be more than enough to get a winning new party off the ground in the next several years.

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