Progressive Party Organizing Fund

Planting the seeds of a winning new party

Our Mission

The United States, the richest yet most unequal advanced industrial society, urgently needs progressive change. Polls show that most Americans want it, yet both our corporate-dominated major political parties stand in the way. The Republican Party openly advocates regressive ideology and policies. Today’s Democratic Party makes gestures in the other direction, yet ultimately sides with its wealthy backers and repeatedly refuses to actively embrace progressivism.

We need a third major party, which most Americans also want, and one that always fights for them -- for economic, social, and environmental justice." It should be a strong champion for all ordinary Americans, including professionals and non-professionals, women and men, and people from diverse ethnic, racial, religious and other cultural backgrounds. And it should be completely independent not only of the Republicans and Democrats, but also the corporate interests that back them. Yet currently there is no such nationwide party, and up until now, no compelling plan to create one.

A critical first step is to support the bottom-up development of viable Progressive candidates and and party-building organizations. That is the mission of the Progressive Party Organizing Fund (PPOF) -- to raise and distribute funds for the step-by-step growth of a truly competitive national Progressive Party.